The idea

Mountaineers are often compared to solitary wolves. But when they meet under tough circumstances, when there are cries and deadly threats they gather, just like packs of wolves do, and become stronger together. Organizations and teams often look for this energy.

Hence, the first case-studies that have been included in the program are based on two TRUE STORIES from the Himalayas.


This case-study tells the story of a Romanian team who in 2013 had to make dozens of decisions spanning several months to accomplish their mission: the summit of Nanga Parbat (video below). Nanga is one of the world’s most dangerous 8,000-meter mountains. A crisis point occured on June 22, when ten mountaineers died under gunfire on the opposite side, in Base Camp.

How can one turn a shocking circumstance into a successful team story?


This case-study describes how a team of mountaineers from ten countries was built in less than 24 hours for a rescue operation at high-altitudes on Mount Annapurna, in 2008. They worked perfectly in the face of great danger and under a tight deadline; and no material incentives were involved.

When he was a coach of FC Barcelona, Pep Guardiola was inspired by this story and used it to motivate his players before an important match. Why?

Whether you work in a team or you are a leader with value-driven actions – in business, NGO-s, sports, public services or politics – you are invited to learn and get inspiration from other teams’ strategies and actions.


The program entails working side by side for 4 to 8 weeks.

Who is doing it?

Larisa Ghitulescu, a creative doer and critical thinker with a background in journalism, and Romeo Cretu, a people developer (trainer, coach and consultant).

SUMMITEERS combines Romeo’s knowledge from working with companies and people throughout his career and Larisa’s knowledge of the field gained from working  as a business journalist, manager of communications and crisis, as well as her first-hand insights into high-altitudine mountaineering. Larisa has worked with several mountaineers over the past five years, including Denis Urubko (citizen of Russia, Poland, Italy) – one of the strongest and most innovative mountaineers of all time.


A creative doer and critical thinkerShe builds projects for teams (leadership), education, journalism and Himalayan storytelling. She works with students as an instructor and mentor. She offers support and advice to decision-makers for mass-media strategies and creative communications.

  • Mountaineer: Part of a German expedition to the Himalayas in 2012. She reached an altitude of 19,680 feet on a remote mountain in Nepal – Chulu Far East Mt (North of Annapurna range). She has been an insider of the high altitude mountaineering and has overseen expedition projects in the Himalayas since then.
  • Manager and consultant: Seven years of experience in communications management, both in private and public companies. Advisor within the Romanian Government in 2016;
  • Journalist: Background in financial journalism. She has kept close track of media and advertising companies since 2000. Exclusive interviews for Romania with John Kotter, worldwide expert in Leadership and Transformation and Philip Kotler, founder of modern Marketing;
  • Instructor: Works with students of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies (University of Bucharest);
  • romeoPeople developer: Trainer, coach, consultant, psychotherapist and author. Dedicated to work with people and companies for sustainable long-term results;
  • TrainerHe has built training programs for hundreds of people per year in the past two decades. Romeo’s expertise is in changing habits, sales, client service, communications, conflict management and team building. He owns a CNFPA certification;
  • Coach: Romeo offers support in business and life coaching for tens of people every year. He owns EuCF and ANC certifications;
  • Consultant: He offers advice for HR strategies and procedures;
  • PsychotherapistHe supports people in understanding their past, living their present time and designing their future;
  • AuthorIn 2001, he published the first survey about motivation in Romania. Other books followed: “Life Worth Living – Lifeguide in 42 Memories” and “Received Thoughts (and Sent Forward)”. Romeo is co-author of “16 Habits that Generate Results” (audio CD). The four-CD collection “Time Management in Practice” is underway;
  • Projects creatorRomeo has developed and is promoting: The Hour of TrainingHabits and ObjectivesLife Worth Living and Quote of the Day

How we do it:

We follow the same steps as mountaineers before an expedition. You choose the summit, then prepare the team and the necessary tools to reach it. The route belongs to the team.

SUMMITEERS is recommended for teams made of from 10 to 50 people. It has three formats: Base-Camp, High-Camp, Summit (Premium).

SUMMIT (Premium):

  • Preparation
  • Weekly messages before the workshop
  • Workshop with the team – 6 hours
  • Multimedia screening
  • Q&A with a mountaineer included in the program
  • Weekly messages after the workshop
Duration: 2 months


  • Preparation
  • Weekly messages before the workshop
  • Workshop with the team – 6 hours
  • Q&A with Larisa Ghițulescu and Romeo Crețu
  • Weekly messages after the workshop
Duration: 2 months

BASE-CAMP (Silver):

  • Preparation
  • Weekly messages before the workshop
  • Q&A with a mountaineer included in the program
  • Weekly messages after the workshop
Duration: 1,5 months

SUMMITEERS is based on true team stories

Our philosophy:

There are hundreds of definitions for Leadership. We chose only one to create Summiteers. TO GO. That’s all. Go with your team. Because nobody is perfect, but a team can be.

Additional Information:

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