I have kept an eye on finance, business thinkers and doers since 2000, when I embraced business journalism.

Picture in the right: interview with Philip Kotler, the world’s foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing

Creative communication

I’ve had a constant focus on the communication industry, keeping close track of media and advertising companies.

Picture in the left: Interview with Kentaro Kimura, Co-CEO, Executive Creative Director, Hakuhodo Kettle, Tokyo (Cannes Lions 2010).


I have had a keen interest in leadership styles since 2000, when I conducted a research in the field for my Master Program graduation. Being a business journalist offered me the opportunity to learn about leadership from the field.

I find Matsushita leadership style remarkable and embrace John Kotter’s opinion that Japanese Konosuke Matsushita is the world’s most outstanding entrepreneur in the 20th century.

Picture in the right: a piece of an article about Konosuke Matsushita’s life and business legacy, published in 2008. To read the full article, follow this link and scroll down for: „O veste un pic tristă” (Romanian language):

Traditional mountaineering

I dedicate most of my spare time to mountaineering. The highest altitude I have reached up to now is 19.680 feet (6,000 m), in Himalaya, Nepal (Chulu Far East mountain – picture in the left) without the use of artificial oxygen.
I embrace the traditional mountaineering philosophy both in my private life and as an entrepreneur. This includes respect for the natural environment, simplicity, fair competition, ethics and supporting other people.

Picture in the header: courtesy of Aurel Sălășan