When he used to coach FC Barcelona, Pep Guardiola chose a true story with mountaineers to motivate his players. That story is now a program that each team could get inspiration from. Read the press release. 

[Bucharest, March 20, 2017] The most frequent issues that teams cope with are lack of leadership, engagement, communications, crisis management and motivation, surveys say. Larisa Ghițulescu, an entrepreneur in creative communications with a background in journalism and Romeo Crețu, people developer (trainer, coach and consultant), have built a program meant to help teams address such issues.

The program is called Summiteers – The Leadership Experience and was built upon a real story that happened in the Himalayas, on one of most dangerous 8,000-meter mountains in the world.

That was in May 2008. Spaniard Iñaki Ochoa de Olza, who had suffered a stroke on the South Face of Mt. Annapurna (8,091m), at 7,400 meters, was dying. A dozen mountaineers from ten countries, with very diverse lifestyles, jobs, objectives and cultures, made up a team rapidly to try to rescue their comrade. At that altitude, the O2 quantity is three times less compared to sea level and temperature reaches extreme negative levels; the human body can survive for a few days. All the mountaineers in the team were aware their lives were in danger.

Summiteers combines Romeo’s knowledge from working with companies and people throughout his activity, on one hand, and what Larisa has learnt from the field as a business journalist, manager of communications and crisis, as well as an insider of high-altitudine mountaineering, on the other hand.

Rome Crețu explains:

”There are hundreds of definitions for Leadership. We chose only one to create Summiteers. <To Go>. That’s all. Go with your team. Because nobody can be perfect, but a team could become”.

”This is Annapurna story’s message, too. Mountaineers are often compared to solitary wolves. But when they meet under tough circumstances, when there are shouts and death, they gather, just like packs of wolves do, and become stronger together,” says Larisa Ghițulescu, who has worked with various mountaineers, including Denis Urubko, one of the strongest and most innovative high-altitude climbers of all times. ”Companies, organizations and even individuals often look for this team spirit, driven by values and strong motivations. Hence, this program idea”.

Summiteers is recommended for those teams – in business, NGO-s, sports, public services or politics – who are guided by values and vision and who put people first on the list of priorities.

When he used to coach FC Barcelona, Pep Guardiola chose the story on Annapurna to motivate his players before an important match. Then a documentary movie, Pura Vida/The Ridge, came to life. The film was produced in Spain in 2012, in coproduction with TVE, Spain’s public television. It was broadcast on TV and played in cinemas in several countries in Europe and Japan. In Romania, the film was broadcast on Discovery Channel in December 2015.

Summiteers owns the exclusive right to use Pura Vida/The Ridge on learning purposes. The program is built upon the situations and key-messages in the film and follows the same steps as mountaineers before an expedition: preparation, implementation, monitoring. The program is recommended for teams made up from 10 to 50 people and has three formats: Summit (Premium), High-Camp (Gold) and Base-Camp (Silver).

For more information, click here: http://www.larisaghitulescu.ro/summiteers/


About the authors:

Larisa Ghițulescu and Romeo Crețu worked for the first time in early 2000s. Larisa was attending a Management Master Program within the University of Bucharest, where Romeo was an associate teacher. He guided Larisa in her research in the field of Leadership, “Why managers do things well, while leaders do the good things (2002). That is how their common interest in Leadership – and then Summiteers – was born.

Larisa Ghițulescu:

  • Entrepreneur in creative communications: She builds projects from scratch in fields like: leadership communication, journalism, Himalayan expeditions, education;
  • Mountaineer: Part of a German mountain climbing expedition to Himalaya, Nepal, on Chulu Far East Mt., North of Annapurna range. She reached an altitude of 19,680 feet without using artificial oxygen;
  • She has worked with several mountaineers in the past years, including Denis Urubko (citizen of Russia, Poland, Italy), one of the strongest and most innovative mountaineers of all times;
  • Journalist: A 10-year background in business journalism (Business Media Group, AdMaker, Ziarul Financiar and Business Magazin, Money Express). See a selection of articles here;
  • Storyteller: She interviewed over 100 decision makers throughout her activity (entrepreneurs, CEO-s, top and middle managers). She ran exclusive interviews for Romania with John Kotter, worldwide expert in Leadership and Transformation and Philip Kotler, founder of modern Marketing;
  • Manager and consultant: Seven years of experience in communications management – e.g. Director of Communications for the national TV broadcaster, TVR; Advisor within the Romanian Government – Cabinet of Dacian Cioloș (European Funds);
  • Instructor – Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies (University of Bucharest);

Romeo Crețu:

  • People developer: Trainer, coach, consultant, psychotherapist and author. Dedicated to work with people and companies for sustainable long-term results;
  • Trainer: He has built training programs for hundreds of people per year in the past two decades. Romeo’s expertise is in changing habits, sales, client service, communications, conflict management and team building. He owns a CNFPA certification;
  • Coach: He offers support in business and life coaching for tens of people every year. He owns EuCF and ANC certifications;
  • Consultant: He offers advice for HR strategies and procedures;
  • Psychotherapist: He supports people in understanding their past, living their present time and designing their future;
  • Author: In 2001, he published the first survey about motivation in Romania. Other books followed: ”Life Worth Living – Lifeguide in 42 Memories” and ”Received Thoughts (and Sent Forward)”. Romeo is co-author of ”16 Habits that Generate Results” (audio CD). The four-CD collection „Time Management in Practice” is underway;
  • Projects creator:Romeo has developed and is promoting: The Hour of TrainingHabits and ObjectivesLife Worth Living and Quote of the Day


For more information, please contact Larisa Ghițulescu, e-mail: summiteers@larisaghitulescu.ro, WhatsApp: 0774.627.236

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