What are you? A PR person, a journalist, a consultant, a creative head or what?

I am not any of those, and I am each of those at the same time. I think like a creative head, I act like an entrepreneur and I put my journalist skills at work every day. That’s the result of what I am, as a human being. I like to explore.

Do you have an agency?

No. I work with a team of flexible people like me – visual communication architects, content specialists, software engineers, video producers, even experts in politics when needed.

Do you compete with agencies?

No, we rather collaborate. There are expertise gaps that agencies need to fill at some point, and so do I. C’mon, take a look around and see if business models from the past decade are the same as now.

Who are your clients?

I don’t have clients. I have partners who have joined my ideas. And vice versa. We share work, risk, pain and gain. But I also work project-based – mainly consulting, training, strategy, content development, crisis management. I have worked with all types of entities – from large multinational companies to public institutions and NGO-s, but also with individuals, from entrepreneurs to mountaineers, surgeons or ministers.

What is your expertise?

I was educated and trained to be a journalist. In 2010, I reinvented myself after exploring new territories in the world of content. Besides storytelling and content strategy, I have developed an expertise in instructing other people how to write, manage communications or themselves as individuals or team players. Oh, and I am still exploring.

Where are you located?

I live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. But ideas can live everywhere. Some projects – ongoing or in the pipeline – address an international audience. Because people’s interest in stories and in issues like innovation, leadership, education, heart development or environment do not have any borders.


Thank you. If you want to learn more, please contact me.

Picture above: courtesy of Aurel Sălășan